bouncy castle hire promise

Bouncy castle to hire will provide you with a quality inflatable bouncy castle unit and in expect the customer to return it back in the same way....we would appreciate the customer to follow our safety guidelines when using the bouncy castle to ensure that there are no accidents or problems.
You will be expected to ensure it is followed throughout the period of your hire. we will bring an additional copy of the agreement ,which we will ask you to sign for our records at the time of delivery.

Cancelation and condition of hiring

In most situations we don’t charge for cancellation but this is for valid reasons and this is only if you give us notice in advance So that we can hire the castle out to somebody else.
If for whatever reasons you give us very little notice (other than for bad weather or venue cancellation) then you will be liable to pay our cancellation fee this also applies If your garden is too small or is unsuitable for set up, please measure your garden and let us know so we can advise you on which castle is best for you
Bouncy castle to hire has the right to cancel the hiring for bad weather or if the garden is not suitable.

Unfortunately we are unable to predict the weather so due to health and safety reason we cannot secure a bouncy castle on concrete, therefore we will only install our castles on grass when installing outdoors.
Setting up the castle must be on flat surface and garden must be clear from all objects.

The inflatable you hire should have a space of an additional 4ft wider and 6ft longer than the size of the bouncy castle itself. If you intend to have the inflatable set up inside a hall you will need to ensure that the ceiling height is at least 2ft higher than the bouncy castle itself. you can find a bouncy castles which suit your Measurements on our Size guide page

We unfortunatly dont cover concrete


Please read the following guidelines on our safety guide page for information about safety if you are looking to hire.